Episode 5: Habakkuk ft. Greg Fine

Dr. Greg Fine has been the pastor of First Baptist Church of Higginsville for the past 23 years. He also serves on Central BSU’s board of directors. Greg will be preaching on the three chapters of Habakkuk.

Episode 5 Audio:

Episode 4: Nahem ft. Tim Carter

Tim Carter is the pastor of Cornerstone Baptist Church in Sedalia. Tim and his church also helped with the West Central Baptist Association’s summer camp and we’re excited to invite him to the BSU to talk about the book of Nahem.

Episode 4 Audio:

Episode 3: Micah ft. John Brittain

John Brittain is the Director of Missions at the West Central Baptist Association, as well as a board member for the Central BSU Board.  John shares his perspective on Micah.

Episode 3 audio:

Episode 2: Obadiah ft. Josh Payne

For the second episode of Pastor’s Cut, we will sit down with Josh Payne, the interim pastor of Pillar Church Warrensburg to talk about life and discuss the shortest book in the Old Testament: Obadiah.

Episode 2 Audio:

Episode 1: Joel ft. Brent Bullard

This week, for the inaugural episode of Pastor’s Cut, Nic and Kyer speak with Associate Pastor Brent Bullard of Grover Park Baptist Church about the book of Joel.

Episode 1 Audio: